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Contamination Assessments

Chemical and gaseous contamination are critical in the development and redevelopment of sites, with significant potential costs attached to liabilities arising from the need to protect site users, construction operatives and water resources amongst others. We offer comprehensive site investigation services for assessing contaminated land issues, including advice on compliance with legislation, economic appraisal, waste management and remediation.

Our specialist services and expertise range from undertaking conceptual models, qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, and development of detailed remediation strategies to liaison with the regulatory authorities.

Remediation and Verification

Where environmental risk assessments have identified sites, or areas of sites, that require the removal of pollution or contaminants from soil, surface water, groundwater and or bedrock, remedial schemes are undertaken. These can range from simple excavate and removal to complex insitu treatment of contaminants. Following remediation verification of the success of the remedial scheme is required to satisfy regulatory authorities.

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