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Site and Ground Investigations

A Site Investigation is required to demonstrate that the site can be developed in a safe manner; whether the risk is from the ground itself posing a risk to structures, or contaminants posing a risk to people, water resources and other sensitive receptors. All site Investigations are specific and tailored to the type of development and the previous use of land; combining planning of the investigation with desk study information and a site walkover to inform the intrusive Ground Investigation.

The importance of a Ground Investigation cannot be underestimated; having a critical role to play in almost all development projects. Ground investigations are a means of determining the condition of the ground and thereby understanding the risks associated with the ground and development thereon or therein. A good Ground Investigation will enable the design team to develop appropriate, efficient and implementable solutions to manage ground risks; avoiding costly and unnecessary delays.

Ground Investigations are specific to the development proposals; investigations are commonly undertaken utilising a variety of techniques including; Trial Pits, Rotary Boreholes, Cable Tool Boreholes, Driven Tube Sampling, Cone Penetration Testing and Geophysical Surveys amongst others.

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